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The frontier out-post known as Ten Towns is rapidly becoming one of Dungeons and Dragons most recognisable settings.  It forms the basis for the Icewind Dale – Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign, essentially a base of operations and a source of plot for characters in that campaign.  It’s always nice to have visual aids for these sort of things, and WizKids Games have produced some actual 3D buildings to wow your players with.

These are paper models, though stiff card is a much more accurate description. The idea is that you assemble to models yourself and it’s all pre-cut, the various components just pop out. The design on each piece is very strong.  Ten-Towns is meant to be a snow covered town that has seen better days, a place on the edge ravaged by supernatural forces. These buildings capture that vibe very well.

We looked at both the individual lodge box (one building) and the Ten Towns box that gives you a residence, an apothecary and a Tavern. They all assemble pretty easily and though instructions are clear, you do need to use a little common sense. No gluing is needed, everything just slots into place as required. They’re designed for the usual  25mm scale common for most miniature gaming and the models are sturdy enough to hold most modern models. (If you have an old-school 80’s lead dragon you may want to be careful though.)

The completed pieces look good but this is cardboard; constantly disassembling the model will eventually wear it down.  If you’re sensible these can last a long time. They’re also very light, so storing and transporting these pieces is very easy.  It’s also worth pointing out that though many model makers can and do make models out of cardboard, it’s a time-consuming thing. These sets slot together in quite a short time and  they’re fun to do assemble. They’re inexpensive for what they are , look good and add atmosphere to the gaming table; exactly what you need.

The design of the buildings also works great for gaming in general . We used these buildings for a short game of WarCry and found that they were well thought out and made for great cover.

The Ice Wind Dale Papercraft range is a useful addition to your gaming arsenal and one we recommend.

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