Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 08/08/2022

Epic Film Music Concert – Edinburgh Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe is a famously busy festival. With hundred of venues and thousands of shows spread across Scotland’s capital city it can be highly tempting to cram too much into a single day. Luckily some shows are incredibly chilled and have the ability to sooth you whilst also putting a smile on your face.

The simply titled Epic Film Music Concert does exactly what it says on the tin; epic film music, performed by consummate professionals. Namely the fantastic musical duo Intermundia and staggeringly talented violinist Lucia la Rezza. Intermundia stand at the back of a dark room, the keyboard player only pausing the performance to introduce the next song or to briefly talk about how vital music is to the film industry, occasionally revealing an insight into how it all works before diving back into the music. The band’s guitarist stands calmly throughout, being the very embodiment of the cool musician.

Meanwhile, Lucia capers across the stage and into the audience, bringing the frantic energy of the violin to the production. It is refreshing, entertaining and rather nice. This mix of style and raw talent works very well.  We learn a little bit about the art of the soundtrack, but mostly we are entertained.

The playlist of soundtracks will be very familiar to STARBURST readers; music from the likes of Pirates of The Caribbean, The Avengers, Star Wars and so on. By ‘Epic Movies’ they seem to mean mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and we heartily agree with that sentiment. The band insert some of their own compositions into the performance as well and this fit in perfectly with the vibe of the show.  It is all just simply fabulous.

Epic Film Music Concert is a clearly thought out, cleverly arranged show that is a breath of fresh air for festival goers. This performance is one of the fringe’s secret treasures, a lovely surprise that mixes just enough stagecraft with the excitement of brilliantly performed live music. A brilliant choice for fans of good movies and their soundtracks.

Epic Film Music Concert is performing at the Edinburgh Fringe at the Guilded Baloon until the end of August. Click here for more info.