Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 30/07/2020



Eberron is one of the more unusual settings for the Dungeons and Dragons game. It’s a fantasy pulp/noir style world, in which practical magic items are common but true wonders are rare. Case in point is the Skycoach, a flying boat that works as a taxi and general work-horse in the Sharn, the City of Towers.

Wizkids have produced fully painted model of this iconic vehicle, and it’s a rather striking piece. The model comes out of the box mostly complete and is essentially a very ornate looking skiff. The model is plastic except for the deck, which is a solid piece of printed card. The deck can be carefully removed, though both sides of the card show the same thing, but that does mean there’s some storage on the model or a place to hide ‘surprises’ for your games. You can fit a fair few models on the deck which would make for fun scenarios in your game of D&D.

To build the model, you fit the sails. These pop in with a careful amount of force and it’s a fairly robust piece. There’s no instruction book but there’s a photo on the box and it’s pretty obvious how it’s supposed to look. We get some fun accessories, including a board plank and a ladder. The set also comes with four ‘soar-sleds’. These are green translucent plastic ‘spells’ that can mount a single medium sized miniature each and can be height adjusted. Perfect for a mid-air encounter, and you can always add a dragon to the mix if you have one. The Skycoach also looks nice on the shelf.

It's well balanced, pretty and fun. If you want to have your players enter aerial combat (or you’re planning on running adventures in Sharn) then this is a must.