Reviews | Written by EdFortune 23/11/2020



Cheap and cheerful fantasy roleplaying game books are another thing from the 80s that are making a surprise comeback. For years now, the industry has broadly favoured thick hardback books crammed with lots of specific detail, but sometimes you just want something simple. Dungeons on a Dime – In The Red is exactly that; a low-level scenario aimed at younger gamers.

In The Red is a street-level adventure, designed to work with any fantasy RPG setting. It’s intended for new characters who are based in some sort of city, which is pretty standard stuff for fantasy games. The characters get embroiled in a caper involving a ruby, a wizard, a white bird and a local crime boss. The whole adventure is broken down into very simple steps and guidance is given along the way. It’s a fun scenario with a very accessible plot.

Though this book comes with its own (very straight forward) table top roleplaying system attached, it’s very generic in design and has a few notes on other systems. The book is designed as an introduction to tabletop games. Not only does it give the reader the basics, it also guides potential DMs on how to actually run a game, giving straight forward general advice as well. This has been produced by BHP Books, who are better known for their comics. As a result, the art-work and graphic design in this book is brilliant.

This is ideal for younger gamers who are getting into fantasy roleplaying through YouTube and other streaming services. It opens up the hobby beyond the scope of Dungeons and Dragons and is an ideal gift for the gamers who are looking to get into this RPG thing.

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