dont look back


A group of people witness a guy getting beaten to death in the park but stand, watch, and do nothing to intervene. One even films it on their phone. It’s something that unfortunately could happen every day the way the world’s going now, but in Don’t Look Back, it triggers a series of repercussions that sees the five who did nothing dead or in fear of their lives. Is something out there trying to get them? Why does one of them, Caitlin (Kourtney Bell) keep seeing the dead man and is seemingly being followed by a cawing crow. Is karma catching up with them?

If the plot sounds a little familiar, it’ll be no surprise that it was written by Final Destination’s Jeffrey Reddick. He makes his feature directing debut here, too, expanding on his short film Good Samaritan (2014). Unfortunately, there’s nothing substantial to add to the short as this is full of predictable scares and clunky dialogue. It also lacks the fun gore aspect that made the Final Destination movies so entertaining. Apart from Caitlin, most of the characters are intensely unlikable, most probably because she’s the only one who’s given any sort of backstory. An undemanding audience may enjoy the cheap thrills and get what they deserve, but hardened horror fans will find it a turn off.