Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 27/06/2022

Disney+ Heroclix

Disney+ has been something of a game-changer when it’s come to the Marvel movies.  The House of Ideas has been able to integrate some of it’s stranger plot points into TV shows, giving us shows such as Wanda Vision and Loki. One of the more delightful Disney experiments have been the What If animated series; letting us see some delightful new takes on familiar characters. The multiverse is  the MCU’s new toy, and it’s fun to see it on the screen.

Of course, fans of Wizkid’s Heroclix have been familiar with weird variants and cross-overs since the game began; back in 2004 the first ever Marvel Heroclix release, Infinity Challenge, was all about weird variants fighting each other. The new Heroclix set is simply called Disney +. Each booster contains five pre-painted models, and they’re blind boxes, so you’ll probably have to buy a quite a few to get the full set.

Heroclix models are each catching and well sculpted, and the paint jobs are pretty good, though if you paint minis you’ll probably want to touch them up. Pretty much every model in the set is charming.  For  example, we get multiple versions of Loki, including the alligator. And yes, the alligator has a special power that focuses on it’s lizardness.  We get several versions of Agatha from Wanda Vision, the frat boy version of Thor from What If, the mystic version of Spider-Man, various chase items including the Darkhold, The Tesseract and Captain Carters shield and of course, Captain Carter. There’s a version of the Miss Minutes, the weird mascot thing from Loki, a really cool Zombie Captain America and even Darcy Lewis, for when you want sass in your miniature skirmish games.

As for the actual rules, none of these pieces are game changing, but they are fun and well balanced. Honestly this set is worth is alone for variant Lokie and Halloween costume version of Wanda. A must for Heroclix and MCU fans.