Reviews | Written by Jack Bottomley 05/08/2022



It’s not always easy being a comic book movie fan, what with toxic fandoms, studio Lex Luthors (naming no names) and a load of social media spoilers being the proverbial doo doo to avoid treading in. But, thankfully, some films still know how to have us happily wagging our film loving tails, and sometimes all it takes is a bit of heart, humour and super pups (and a wicked bald guinea pig)!

Super-Pets sees Superman (John Krasinski) and his Kryptonian pooch Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) fighting crime side by side in Metropolis and sharing a seemingly inseparable bond together. However, when a new unexpected rescue mission comes calling, amidst other rifts in the (super)man and dog story, Krypto has to leap into action to save his owner and some of Earth’s mightiest heroes, with some unexpected help!

Super-Pets is a nicely animated and scored film, with a loaded voice cast (Keanu as Batman anyone?) and a good natured heart to its story. In many ways it does the Justice League better, well, justice than other - bigger - adaptations and while the film naturally plays to its core audience, it’s still a very enjoyable experience for all. 

A fun celebration (and send up) of DC lore for fans, and a cute action adventure with some super powered animal heroes for the family crowd. At this uncertain time especially, DC fans could do with a good natured film to go walkies with and this animation is perfectly suited (literally) for the task. 

Oh, and stay seated (“sit!”, “stay”) for some end credits treats too, including one where Johnson has a laugh at just how all in he is to this Universe.