Reviews | Written by Jacob Walker 07/01/2021


Director and writer Scott Jeffrey must be lauded for producing a piece of work on a micro budget, which despite some appalling acting is a coherent and fun slasher film.

We start with an overlong explanation of the mythology surrounding Cupid, this is done using animation contained within an old book, influenced by the likes of Wonder Woman’s exposition scenes. It’s a nice idea, however the animation is basic, and the camera is too far away to truly see what is happening. We cut to a British comprehensive school on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Wannabe witch Faye (Georgina Jane) is being bullied by Elise (Sarah T. Cohen), the school mega bitch, treating the students and teachers with the same contempt, just begging to have an arrow launched in her face. She hatches a plot to make Faye think hunky teacher Mr. Jones (Michael Owusu) is interested in her. After Elise films Faye trying to kiss him, Faye turns to witchcraft, summoning Cupid to kill all love, which he has 24 hours to achieve.

Once Cupid is unleashed, the film kicks into full slasher mode; he looks surprisingly good, full wings and skull-like mask, we even get to see him fly, which looks completely acceptable. He fires poisonous arrows and even chokes someone to death with a bunch of roses, as he coolly takes out most of the cast. The deaths are gory, the pace is rapid, and the location works well. The real let down is the actors, it is a toss up between Mr. Jones and Faye’s best friend Matt (played by Ali Barouti), for the wooden plank award and at one-point Elise fluffs her lines; all a bit amateurish. Despite this, Cupid ultimately leaves you with a smile on your face and intrigued by Jeffrey’s next effort, given the right talent and cash, could be a riot.

Release Date: January 25th.

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