Reviews | Written by James Hanton 29/05/2021



Season two of J.G. Quintel’s madcap animation Close Enough picks up from where the first season ended, each mini-episode loaded with zany humour and off-beat characterisation. One of the best things about the show is that it is never especially clear where it is going to go next. One moment it is trodding on familiar narrative ground, the next it goes off on some unpredictable adventure involving potentially metaphorical horses and evil magicians. It is this willingness to go practically everywhere that keeps Close Enough feeling fresh and, most importantly, lends itself to some of the best jokes. 

The humour throughout is far more hit than miss, helped by the stellar voice cast (particularly Jason Mantzoukas, whose typically infectious delivery makes Alex the most entertaining part of the show). What is missing however is a sense of continuity. Last season was unified by a common theme of struggling parenthood and leaving youth in your rear-view mirror. The second season has no obvious umbrella theme like that. As a consequence, and as good as the individual episodes can be, it can feel disappointingly aimless and unmemorable.

If you are willing to put this lacking connectivity between the episodes aside however, then Close Enough is still an absolute riot. Rarely do the episodes fail to surprise you or make you laugh, and it ticks all the boxes you could hope for. Quintel’s show is at its finest when all emotionally grounded hell breaks loose. Such is the high standard set by modern adult animation, however, that this is a season that can’t help but feel forgettable amidst all the chaos.