Reviews | Written by Peter Beckett 31/10/2019



Depression, anxiety, fame, fortune, substance abuse, death, and loneliness are themes covered in depth by BoJack Horseman, the show that cemented Netflix as the home of quality animation. The first part of the final season has now arrived, with the second due to arrive late January. The question is, does this live up to the previous seasons?

BoJack, the titular character of the show, starts the season fresh out in rehab after checking himself in at the end of the previous series. He has finally decided to get the help he needs to tackle his myriad self-indulgent behaviours and try to make amends for all he has done to the people he once considered friends, while they themselves all try to handle their lives without him around. There is a very interesting theme running throughout the season - while BoJack is busy making amends, everyone appears to be struggling, especially Diane and Princess Caroline.

The show has never been afraid of tackling hard-hitting topics, and this first half of the season is no different, with social justice and depression being key themes. Managing to blend these themes into a cohesive narrative has always been a strong part of the series, and showrunner Raphael Bob-Waksberg absolutely nails it again, providing biting commentary of society in general, while also being incredibly respectful of it. To be able to laugh one minute at a visual gag, then tear up at one of these many hard-hitting topics is one of the show’s best qualities, and Season 6 continues this effortlessly.

The animation and voice acting are, once again, outstanding, with every member of the cast able to convey the spectrum of emotions on offer with power and tact. While its dark subject matter is front and centre, the animation and colour is always a stark contrast to this, balancing the show out in a unique way.

Many shows out there struggle to convey their message about mental health, BoJack Horseman not only highlights it, but also gives it the true dignity it deserves, while also providing a compelling story populated with incredibly deep yet flawed characters that feel as real as anything on TV. The sixth year of BoJack Horseman is looking to be an absolute powerhouse of a season.

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