Reviews | Written by Jonathan Edwards 24/01/2018


With a title that sounds like it’s been ripped straight from a ‘90s cartoon, the first issue of Battlecats plays out in a similar fashion as we’re introduced to a variety of cat-like creatures who are on a quest to kill a legendary beast. With these orders having been sent by the King, we’re immediately aware of how highly regarded the Battlecats are in the realm of Valderia. An elite team of warriors with defined personalities and abilities, there’s no time wasted in the first issue to this medieval fantasy. Fun, frothy and light, readers will be able to breeze through the pages in no time thanks to Mark London’s writing, which is clear and precise in the story and tone it wants to set. Many first issues tend to struggle with balancing exposition and action, however London is able to handle both quite easily without ever bombarding the reader with any unnecessary information.

We then have Andy King’s illustration, which is the perfect fit for the Battlecats as he’s been able to instill a cartoony vibe whilst adding a deceptive amount of detail along the way. The fight sequences are excellently executed with the art superbly showcasing the protagonists fighting styles; whether it be Vaela’s telekinetic powers or Zorien’s raw power, it’s all there, perfectly displayed for the reader to enjoy. King’s illustrations are then further enhanced thanks to Alejandro Giraldo, who is able to effectively set the mood with an array of cold colors that contrasts nicely with the Battlecats attire. With the combination of London’s writing, King’s illustration and Giraldo’s use of colour, it seems that Mad Cave Studios have a promising recipe on their hands.

With a kickass title and an interesting premise, Battlecats is a fun little venture that has plenty of potential. So, if you want an easy read with some ‘80s/’90s nostalgia then look no further than here.