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BABYSITTER MUST DIE [FrightFest October 2020]

Written By:

Martin Unsworth
babysitter must die

Josie (Riley Scott) forgoes a Christmas party and a chance for fun to babysit for a famous music producer. When they return home early, she continues playing hide and seek with young Sophia (Scarlett Hazan), but the game is interrupted when a cult-following trio invade the house in an attempt to open a portal to Hell. Josie must use her skills learnt in her annual Mustard Seed camp to evade and overcome the attackers.

Often playing like a blood-soaked version of Home Alone, Kohl Glass’ film is brief but action-packed. Not everything lands at the right pace though. The juxtaposition of the camp badges appearing on screen in a Scott Pilgrim style when Josie performs something outstanding against the acts of violence being carried out in the house is a little jarring, since there’s not much humour elsewhere. It’s well shot, though, and there are plenty of edge-of-the-seat moments but ultimately, we know the pantomime villains will be thwarted, however nasty they may be.

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