Reviews | Written by Joel Harley 15/09/2020



Thirty years since the story was first published, and John Wagner and Colin MacNeil’s America remains as relevant, exciting and vital as it ever was. Dredd has almost always been the antihero of his own story, but America almost single-handedly recontextualised Mega-City One and the Justice Department, leaving readers in no doubt as to who the real villain of the story was. Which is to say: the boot-heel of the law.

Lost and Found is no mere reprint of the classic story (which can be found in Essential Judge Dredd: America, along with a number of other excellent supporting stories by Wagner and Garth Ennis). This book reprints John Wagner’s original script, along with his footnotes and a brand new introduction by himself and Ennis. The story itself is also included, so as readers can get a fix of MacNeil’s wonderful artwork too.

Not only is this story timelier than ever, it’s also an incredible technical document. Fans of the craft and aspiring writers will have a field day with Wagner’s script. Short and punchy (for giggles, compare this with Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum script, included in the most recent reprinting), it’s a masterclass in getting to the point, and should be extremely helpful for aspiring 2000AD writers. To everyone else – it’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes examination of one of 2000AD’s formative stories, and one of the best written in any medium. 30 years later, and America keeps on giving.


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