Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 26/10/2020

Adventure Presents: TARTARUS GATE

PUBLISHER: Rebellion Unplugged | RELEASE DATE: Out Now

Rebellion Unplugged is the new gaming label from video games company Rebellion, who also produce the Galaxy’s Greatest comic, 2000AD. So it may come as no surprise that their new range of tabletop games have a very comic book style feel. Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate is a one-shot game designed to be done and dusted in a single session. The players take on the roles of starship passengers and crew on their way to Tartarus Gate in the hopes of starting a better life on a distant world. Of course something goes wrong and they’re woken up from their cryo-sleep way too early. This is a slow-burn horror scenario, using the spaceship as a haunted house of sorts. It’s got a very isolation horror vibe, reminiscent of various low budget sci-fi horrors.

This game feels like it could have been a story from the pages of 2000AD. Pye Parr’s art is visually striking and not only adds to the old school vibe of the game it also makes it a joy to read. Designer Grant Howitt’s trademark ‘short and sweet’ style really suits this game.

Adventure Presents: Tartarus Gate is not very long but it does contain just enough world building to keep a band of gamers entertained for an evening. Because it’s designed as a throw-away game you’re more likely to take risks and do crazy things, revealing more plot along the way. It’s great fun and we can’t wait to see what Rebellion does next with this format.