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John Higgins
quiet place

Optimism is a word that doesn’t quite gel with the horror film in most cases, but in terms of where the genre and industry is, there is much of it at present, not least in part to the recent critical and commercial success of Get Out, a studio release that has been generating considerable discussion, not just amongst fans and traditionalists, but also those who have little affinity for this type of film.

It goes without saying that Get Out has paved the way for another film that has generated considerable buzz over the last few months, John Krasinski’s latest directorial effort, A Quiet Place.

Since its recent premiere at the 2018 South by South West Film Festival in Austin, Texas (where it played to an enthusiastic opening night crowd alongside another big-name blockbuster Ready Player One), the marketing campaign has been cleverly teasing audiences with limited trailers and exposure. The aftermath of the festival screening has seen the film out-pace Get Out in terms of appreciation and one predicts a healthy and encouraging return for all concerned.

The stock of Platinum Dunes, the horror brand that has been taking many of the classic horror titles like Friday The 13th and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, will certainly rise with this film, which is being seen as a semi-departure in terms of content and ideas from the reboots and remakes that Michael Bay’s label has been renowned for over the last few years

Co-written by Krasinski with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, the premise is simple. A Romero-esque world provides little if any optimism for a family (led by Krasinski with real-life wife Emily Blunt) who tip-toe around their haven looking for a way to survive amidst monsters who hunt by sound alone. Their predicament isn’t helped by the fact that there are plenty of obstacles and situations that will unleash these beasts. Before long, though, the family’s world is contracting and reducing within itself, upping the ante and the tension comprehensively….

It has certainly been a surprise to learn that both Krasinski and Blunt admitted in recent reviews that they don’t like horror films as such, although it was revealed by Blunt that JAWS is one of the few that she has seen.

In many ways, A Quiet Place does tap back into that level of taut, tense storytelling that took Spielberg’s calling card to the heights of a blockbuster event in 1975.

A Quiet Place is one of the most effective and intelligently realised horror offerings that will be a talking point amongst fans for years to come and a bonafide Horror classic that is up there with James Cameron’s Aliens. Much of the film’s power comes from the set-up and anticipation of where you might see the shocks, rather than where they actually do happen. Another reason for its success is the simplicity of the premise – set it up promptly and get to the gore and scares as much as possible.

That said, A Quiet Place is not overly reliant on gore and has much to offer audiences who welcomed The Silence of the Lambs into award-winning and commercial acclaim back in 1991 – 92.

A winner in every way.


Expected Rating: 7 out of 10

John Higgins

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