Reviews | Written by Robert Martin 28/09/2020



In 2067, global warming has reduced the Earth to a plant free world where artificial oxygen keeps people barely alive and causes deadly health risks. Scientists have created a secret time portal to try to contact the future and find out how to save the planet. The future sends a simple message: 'Send Ethan Whyte.' But Ethan, an ordinary worker, is no hero and finds himself a somewhat unwilling but essential piece of a puzzle to help save humanity.

2067 is ambitious. It's a time travel drama and a conspiracy thriller and, whilst it doesn't always work fully, it's fun to see how the jigsaw pieces start to fit together. It takes a little too long to get there and the middle section feels a little repetitive but the conclusion makes up for it.

The film hangs on its central performance and, as usual, Kodi Smit-McPhee more than delivers. He's perfect in the role of a young man out of his depth, confused by his own part in a mystery, whilst looking constantly ill and upset! That man can CRY!

The performance is much stronger than the character who, at times, particularly once Ethan has been sent to find out who sent the message from the future and what the answer to Earth's problems is (it's pretty obvious, by the way), is a little too weak and useless. Had Ethan been given a little more control over his own destiny it would made for a more satisfying character arch, but there are some lovely touches in 2067 that make it a worthy watch.

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