Paramount Pictures is reportedly in the final stages of closing a deal with Robert Pattinson and Smile filmmaker Parker Finn to tackle a remake of Possession, the 1981 supernatural psychological horror movie from writer-director Andrzej Żuławski.

Finn will write the script, direct and produce via his Bad Feeling banner. Pattinson will produce via his production company, Icki Eneo Arlo. Whether he plans to also act in the film will become clear once the script and schedules have been confirmed. Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee, who produced Zach Cregger’s breakout horror film Barbarian, will also produce.

The original Possession was set in West Berlin and starred Sam Neill as a spy who returns home from the film to his wife (Isabelle Adjani) and son. However, the wife soon asks for divorce and the couple descends into a destructive, toxic cycle that not only includes infidelity and emotional neglect, but spins out into murder, doppelgangers, and a tentacled, alien creature.

The screenplay was written during Żuławski’s own painful divorce from actress Malgorzata Braunek. While Possession was not commercially successful upon release, the film, as horror flicks are oft prone to do, eventually acquired cult status and was positively re-appraised in later years.

With Finn currently in post-production on Smile 2 for Paramount, Possession is set to be the filmmaker’s next movie.

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