News News TV | Written by Laura Potier 05/10/2021

PEACEMAKER Gets Roasted In First Clip

John Cena is returning as Peacemaker, the ultra-patriotic, hyper-literal member of 2021's The Suicide Squad in his very own eponymous superhero series. The James Gunn-created spin-off marks the first series in the DC Extended Universe, set to debut on HBO Max in January 2022 and will follow on from the events of the movie. In anticipation of Peacemaker, Warner Media have released a first teaser, unveiled as part of its HBO Max European launch event.

The show also stars Steve Agee as the warden of Belle Reve penitentiary John Economos, Danielle Brooks as Leota Adebayo, whom Gunn described as the series' co-lead, Robert Patrick as Peacemaker's father, Jennifer Holland as an NSA agent who is an aide to Amanda Waller, Freddie Stroma as Vigilante, a district attorney and crimefighter who can heal rapidly, and Chukwudi Iwuji as the mercenary and Task Force X leader Clemson Murn. Gunn wrote all eight episodes of the series, and will be directing five of them.

John Cena as Peacemaker in character poster for The Suicide Squad 2021

Perhaps best described as an unstable Captain America (or is that just John Walker?), DC's Peacemaker strives to achieve peace no matter the cost. As he himself puts it, "I cherish peace with all of my heart. I don't care how many men, women and children I need to kill to get it." And if The Suicide Squad is anything to go by, Peacemaker is set to be some of best, absurdly funny television released this year. After all, from "If this whole beach was completely covered in dicks, and somebody said I had to eat every dick until the beach was clean for liberty, I would say 'no problemo!'" to "It's not a toilet seat. It's a beacon of freedom," Cena's character had all the film's best one-liners.

See Peacemaker and his pet eagle Eagly on HBO Max in January 2022, and watch the teaser below: