News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 18/08/2022

One D&D is the next stage of D&D and Planescape Returns

Dungeons and Dragons has announced the new iteration of the game, which will be called One D&D.  The new game will be backwards compatible with Fifth Edition D&D (it’s essentially the same game), but with updated rules.

Fans and gamers will be able to get a slice of these changes by going on to the official D&D website and downloading the playtest rules. The new innovations make ‘official’ rules that Dungeon Masters have been using for years, such as long rests being flexible and inspiration being a quality that can be give to allies.  Attribute changes will now be part of a character’s background rather than inherited from their race and provide level one feats to further adapt the play test. Codename One D&D will come out in 2024.

Head to today to sign up to join the public playtests for One D&D.

Other features of the next iteration of the game will include a digital table-top that will use the Unreal Engine with a tilt angle so can create all sorts of adventure environments. In addition, the new Dragonlance expansion for D&D will be available as a digital bundle; pre-order the book, get a code for the DND Beyond digital version.

And finally, Planescape is returning to D&D, in 2023. The book will be in the slip-cover three book format made popular by the recent Spelljammer release.

Other books will be Keys from The Golden Vault, a book of heist inspired adventures. Bigby Presents The Glory Of The Giants - a book dedicated to Giants, similar to Fizbans. The Book of Many Things will be player-facing source material inspired by the Deck of Many Things.

The Phandelver Campaign book expands the setting from the popular Mines of Phandelver starter adventure.

And finally, Planescape; D&D weirdest setting, a high fantasy jaunt across dimensions, including the legendary city of doors, Sigil.

And finally, D&D is celebrating the drow hero's 35th anniversary with new covers of all the Legend of Drizzt novels by R.A. Salvatore. The Legend of Drizzt Visual Dictionary will chronicle lore, creatures, weapons, enemies, and allies in one tome perfect for gift-giving season. And to take the Legend in new directions, a Drizzt Family webcomic will debut featuring Brie, the tween daughter of Drizzt and Cattie-Brie, "borrowing" her father's sword Twinkle to prove she is a heroic force just like her forebears.