News Movies | Written by Kris Heys 11/08/2011

It’s Alive! THE MUNSTERS Reboot On Its Way

Hot on the heels of yesterday's exhilarating news that we're getting a HONG KONG PHOOEY movie, comes the announcement that yet another cherished property is getting the remake treatment. This time - the 1960's comedy series THE MUNSTERS.

DEAD LIKE ME creator Byan Fuller will oversee the new TV show for NBC, and plans to take the show in a different direction tonally, with a view to making it "darker and edgier" in an hour-long format. I guess it's safe to assume that it won't come with a laughter track this time around.

Will it be better than the last attempt at a remake, THE MUNSTERS TODAY back in 1988? Good god, we hope so... Can you believe that ran for 72 episodes, 2 more than the original series?! Mind-boggling.

Is a darker, edgier MUNSTERS hour-long something you'd like to see? Is Fuller the right guy to go with? Let us know with your comments below!