News News | Written by Jack Bottomley 06/03/2021


Back in 1984, Charles E. Sellier Jr.’s Silent Night, Deadly Night caused a bit of a stir among parents for depicting its killer swinging axes in full Santa garb...but that didn’t stop it from becoming a cult christmas horror and spawning 4 further sequels and a loose 2012 remake. In fact the film enjoyed great success before it was pulled from cinemas and continues to be cherished by a number of horror audiences to this day.

The film depicts a traumatised kid who loses it all at christmas and his hatred turns to violence, as he dons a santa costume and goes on the rampage. And you just can’t stop this Santa from slaying because Black Hanger and Orwo studios, the team behind the upcoming (and pederast free) Jeepers Creepers: Reborn, have acquired the rights for the seasonal slasher and are looking to jingle more folks’ bells at the most wonderful time of the year again.

This new reboot of Silent Night, Deadly Night will welcome back the original film’s producers Scott Schneid and Dennis Whitehead, and is looking for a 2022 release. Fellow producers Anthony Masi (of MasiMedia) and Orwo/Black Hanger’s Jake Seal, Terry Bird, and Jamie R. Thompson, were all delighted to announce this revival of the cult christmas chiller. With Masi saying, “We are thrilled to be working with the original producers as well as Orwo and Black Hangar and are committed to honouring nostalgia for the original while offering surprises for new audiences to discover and embrace.”

Here’s Ho Ho Hoping, this will be a reboot to celebrate!

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