Earlier this month, we learnt that a new Evil Dead movie was on the way – and now there’s an update on the title of said picture.

Previously, it was believed that the film would be titled Evil Dead Now. In a new Diabolique interview, franchise fave Bruce Campbell has revealed that the movie will be called Evil Dead Rise.

Additionally, Campbell explained how the movie is currently at the draft stage and that he doesn’t believe anything concrete will happen with the offering until 2021.

As was revealed a couple of weeks ago, The Hole in the Ground’s Lee Cronin will be on directing duties for Evil Dead Now, with him having been handpicked for the gig by Sam Raimi. Reportedly, the movie won’t feature Bruce Campbell’s Ash or have any direct ties to Fede Alvarez’s impressive Evil Dead reboot. Instead, the focus will be on an entirely new story set within the Evil Dead world we know and love.

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