With Rogue One’s Ben Mendelsohn in the frame to play the ‘big bad’ of 2019’s Captain Marvel, now comes some speculation on just which character he may be playing.

Previously, speculation had the Australian actor pegged as playing the leader of the nefarious alien Skrulls. Now, according to The Hashtag Show, Mendelsohn is set to play Yon-Rogg in the picture.

To those unfamiliar with the character, Yon-Rogg is the longtime rival of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. Originally, both Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell were tasked with monitoring Earth to see if the planet is a threat to the Kree. Of course, a twist was a-coming, and that came when Yon-Rogg became jealous of Mar-Vell and had him and his other half in his sights. Deciding to swerve this whole explosive situation, Mar-Vell headed to Earth as a more permanent resident. Famously, it was actually an attack on Mar-Vell from Yon-Rogg which led to the explosion that gave Carol Danvers her powers as she was turned in to Ms. Marvel.

Still with us? We hope so.

Given how Jude Law has already been brought in to play Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel, it makes perfect sense to have Yon-Rogg part of the tale, and Mendelsohn would certainly bring a lot to the role if that is indeed the character that he’s playing. Long signed-on to take the titular Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel gig is Room’s Brie Larson, with the character set to make her debut in May 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War.

For those not familiar with the Carol Danvers character, she debuted back in 1968, initially a member of the US air force before later becoming Ms. Marvel in 1977 following a previous tangle with explosive Kree technology. In 2012, Danvers was given a “promotion” to the mantle of Captain Marvel. As part of her powers, she’s able to project and absorb energy as well as having the usual superhuman strength and speed not to mention the ability to fly.

To be directed by Mississippi Grind’s Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Captain Marvel is currently set for a March 6th, 2019 release.

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