Key of Dreams has announced new spaces for its titular immersive luxury horror event. The critically acclaimed company is known for its overnight experiences that dunk you into a strange but familiar world while keeping you in the lap of luxury. You can find out the exact details here

An interactive mystery experience, the Key of Dreams is inspired by classic horror and weird fiction writers such as HP Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, CP Gilman, Lord Dunsany, and Algernon Blackwood. It uses puzzles, paid actors, props, cocktails, good food and the sumptuous surroundings of Treowen Manor in Wales to take you on an unforgettable journey into the unknown. 

If all this sounds a little familiar, it might be because this event comes to us from the same folk behind The Locksmith’s Dream,  which was raved about by cult superstar Neil Patrick Harris on his website Wondercade, who described the event as ‘Top Notch’ and one that he’ll ‘Remember Forever’.

Immersive events are unlike any other media. While a good book or movie will be memorable, events such as Key of Dreams create unique moments. They are a rare chance to bring the world of fiction into reality in a way that delights all of your senses. 

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Tickets for these events sell pretty quickly, so book now!

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