News Book News | Written by Martin Unsworth 14/10/2020

New Book Spotlights Modern Horror

A great new book is set to be released looking at modern horror - unfiltered from the shine and hype we’re used to seeing.

From the press release:

HORROR OUT OF CONTROL is a collaboration between Reprobate Press and Warped Perspective that will look at the 21st Century horror film: the good, the bad, and the ugly of modern genre cinema and video.

Written by David Flint (Ten Years of Terror) and Keri O’Shea, this is a collection of over four hundred incisive and detailed reviews of horror movies made between 2000 and 2020. This is not a partisan ‘best of’ or ‘essential’ guide, but a snapshot of where the genre is in the 21st Century, from major cinema releases and franchises to zero-budget shot-on-video obscurities. With a global expanse and a critical eye, HORROR OUT OF CONTROL is a reflection of the development of the genre in the last two decades. With some eye-popping visuals and no-hold-barred opinions, HORROR OUT OF CONTROL is the state of the union address that modern horror has been waiting for.

We can’t wait! Having read what the authors’ previous output, we can expect plenty of blunt and straight-talking insight into some of the modern sacred cows. The book will be A5 size, with 440 b/w pages costing £25 plus postage. It won’t be available on the high street, though, so you’ll have to buy it directly from:

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