News Comic Book News | Written by Andrew Pollard 22/06/2020

New BILL & TED Comic Book Series Announced

Ahead of their third feature film arriving later this year, now comes word on a new Bill & Ted comic book series.

Via Newsarama, Dark Horse Comics have announced Bill & Ted Are Doomed as a direct sequel to Bogus Journey and a precursor to the upcoming Bill & Ted Face the Music. Evan Dorkin – who previously worked on Bill & Ted comics in the ‘90s - and franchise co-creator Ed Solomon are penning the four-issue miniseries, with art from Roger Langridge.

The official blurb on Bill & Ted Are Doomed reads:

There’s tension in the band and worry at home. Bill and Ted’s obsession with writing the one song to bring peace to the world is affecting both their playing and their relationships with their families. The band is losing fans and the future isn’t shaping up as they were led to believe it would.

Desperate for a solution, Bill and Ted burst in to announce their great idea to revive the band’s fortunes. A world tour to spread the love – and the rock, and the love of the rock – to the world.

At present, Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1 is set for a September 9 release. As for silver screen antics, Bill & Ted Face the Music is currently booked in for an August 14 release.