News Movies News Uncategorised | Written by JAMES "MAGIC" PERKINS 28/01/2021

Netflix and Powerhouse Animation to Take us Back to SKULL ISLAND

Kaiju fans rejoice!

If the rumours of the upcoming clash of the titans Godzilla vs. Kong being the last big-screen outing of the two most famous kaiju in history within Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse are to be believed, at least we now have confirmation that the shared universe is set to continue in the form of an Anime series coming from Netflix and Powerhouse Animation - the studio behind massive hits Castlevania and Blood of Zeus.

As mentioned in the above tweet, Skull Island will be set on Kong's home island and the King himself taking centre stage amongst other (possibly new) titans joining him - although, with just a brief synopsis, we are still yet to discover where the show will take place within the wider timeline. Most likely, it will be set after the events of Kong: Skull Island (2017) and before Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019).

However, what we do know is that Powerhouse Animation, based in Austin, Texas, are famous for creating an art style that resembles that of our incredibly talented friends in Japan - which is fantastic news.

We will continue to update you as more news is revealed - for now, as fans of the MonsterVerse we are at least very happy to see it continue, no matter what happens come March 31st when Godzilla and Kong (amongst other yet to be revealed titans) will duke it out for ultimate supremacy as #OneWillFall.