News TV | Written by Andrew Pollard 27/08/2020

Netflix Announces Live-Action RESIDENT EVIL Series

We’ve known for a little while now that Netflix was working on a live-action Resident Evil show, and now comes official confirmation of the series – and some intriguing new information on the premise of this small-screen offering.

This to-be-titled series will centre on twins Jane and Billie Wesker. Not just that, but the show will alternate between two different timelines – one when the 14-year-old twins arrive in New Raccoon city, one when the 30-year-old twins are in a world decimated by the T-virus.

Of course, while he himself isn’t mentioned in any of the press material just yet, Albert Wesker is one of the biggest of big bads where the Resident Evil franchise is concerned. As such, you can likely expect Albert to be Jane and Bille’s father.

The current plan for this Resident Evil series is for it to consist of eight one-hour episodes, with Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb on board as showrunner.

You can find a juicy, detailed synopsis for the show below:

In the first timeline, 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker are moved to New Raccoon City. A manufactured, corporate town, forced on them right as adolescence is in full swing. But the more time they spend there, the more they come to realize that the town is more than it seems and their father may be concealing dark secrets. Secrets that could destroy the world.

Cut to the second timeline, well over a decade into the future: there are less than fifteen million people left on Earth. And more than six billion monsters — people and animals infected with the T-virus. Jade, now thirty, struggles to survive in this New World, while the secrets from her past—about her sister, her father and herself—continue to haunt her. 

As ever, expect more on Netflix’s Resident Evil series as it develops.

Elsewhere, The Strangers: Prey at Night and 47 Meters Down director Johannes Roberts is tackling a cinematic reboot for the Resident Evil property – and from what we’ve heard about that movie, it sounds absolutely phenomenal.