News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 29/09/2013

Movie News: James Caan Talks Turning Down Roles in SUPERMAN and STAR WARS

One of the icons of Hollywood, the legendary James Caan recently appeared on The Howard Stern show, with the conversation turning to some of the projects that Caan apparently turned down. Two of said projects were Dick Donner’s SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and George Lucas’ STAR WARS. Caan also claimed that the original script for SUPERMAN, from THE GODFATHER’s Mario Puzo, involved a lot more humour that what we got in the finished film.

Describing one particular scene planned for SUPERMAN, Caan said, “Clark is just devastated ‘cos Lois Lane is so in love with Superman. Physically the office is set up in the Daily Planet… In order to get to Clark Kent’s office you must pass through Lois Lane’s office. So, one day Clark is so pissed off that she is in love with Superman, he says, ‘screw it,’ and he rips his clothes off and he’s got his Superman costume on under there. And he says, ‘Lois, come in here!’ She comes in and looks at him, ‘That’s sweet Clark, but you’re no Superman.’ And she walks out.”

Caan also said that Marlon Brando, Jor-El in SUPERMAN and who starred alongside Caan in THE GODFATHER, begged him to take the role of Clark Kent/Superman. Caan was put off by having to sign on for two films, and he also didn’t like the idea of wearing a suit.

With the chatter switching to STAR WARS, Caan revealed that he turned down the role of Han Solo. When asked why he said no to everyone’s favourite scruffy lookin’ nerf herder, the actor slyly said, “They didn’t want an actor, that’s why they got Harrison Ford.” Meow.

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