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Movie News: Sharlto Copley and Neill Blomkamp Reteam for Sci-fi Comedy CHAPPIE

The director and star of DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM are set to collaborate again on Blomkamp’s next film, CHAPPIE. A comedy about a "ridiculous robot character", CHAPPIE will be yet another in an exciting run of science fiction collaborations between the South African pair. 

Blomkamp and Copley made a visually stunning, exciting and funny mainstream splash with the South African alien ghetto set DISTRICT 9. Blomkamp’s visual effects background and Copley’s knack for hilarity and heroism made it one of the best science fiction films of the new millennium so far while ELYSIUM looks all set for further thrills. 

Matt Damon stars in ELYSIUM with Copley on villain duties and the trailer (which you can catch here) has offered more in the way of spectacular visuals and hopefully what should be another socially conscious dystopian look at the future.

Copley has been hard at work appearing in the likes of THE A TEAM and has several other upcoming projects including MALEFICIENTand Spike Lee’s OLDBOY remake. His working relationship with Blomkamp is clearly on fine form with the pair committing to another project together.

At Comic-Con last year Blomkamp said of CHAPPIE: "I was writing ELYSIUM and I had this idea for this film and so I wrote it with Terri Tatchell, who wrote DISTRICT 9 with me. I came up with the original idea and within three weeks, it was done. I would write that with her and then write ELYSIUM on my own. It was a fairly fully-formed idea. It’s much more simplistic than ELYSIUM in terms of overall concept. It’s a much more simple thing."

He also explained of his process: "DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM and CHAPPIE were all born out of some visual concept first. CHAPPIE is the imagery, because I think I’m a visual person first, of this ridiculous robot character. It’s much more comedy based, and in an unusual setting."

It sounds like the ideal project for the pair; Copley doing comedy with Blomkamp’s visuals adding to the dazzle. However anyone still hoping that Blomkamp would get round to a HALO film soon will sadly have to wait even longer.

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