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Oscar Isaac Becomes The MOON KNIGHT In Full Trailer

In November last year, we got our first, very short teaser look at Oscar Isaac’s MCU turn on Disney+ Day; now, our patience has been rewarded with the release of the first full trailer for Moon Knight ahead of its premiere March 30th.

Isaac plays Steven Grant, a mild-manner museum gift-shop employee (complete with a truly baffling “British” accent) who becomes plagued by blackouts and memories of a life that isn’t his. Steven soon discovers that he has dissociative identity disorder (DID) and shares his body with Marc Spector, a mercenary. As Steven/Marc’s enemies track him down, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of ancient Egypt.

In the comics, Marc is the central personality who tends to lead most of the stories, while Steven is just one of his alters; it’s therefore interesting that Disney+’s Moon Knight would opt to centre Steven, at least initially. It could be that this is the show’s clever way of providing exposition on the mythology of the moon god Khonshu, for whom Marc is the Earthbound avatar – Steven does work in a museum with an expansive Egyptian exhibit, after all.

Joining Isaac is Ethan Hawke as the primary antagonist, now revealed to be Dr. Arthur Harrow, a scientist specialising in pain theory… except that for the television version, Harrow seems to be more of a cult leader than respected researcher.

And as an extra nice touch, since the Moon Knight’s supernatural powers are tied to the Moon’s cycle in the comics, the PR brains at Marvel/Disney+ chose to release the series trailer on the day of a full moon!

Check out the full trailer below: