News Comic Book News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 02/09/2022

DEATHGASM Filmmaker Prepping Adaptation Of His MONSTERS OF METAL Comic

Guns Akimbo and Deathgasm filmmaker and visual effects artist Jason Howden will co-write and direct a film adaptation of his first comic series, Monsters of Metal, which launches its first issue on October 19th, Deadline reveals.

The comic is being released via Opus Comics and was conceived as an R-rated mockumentary (think Spinal Tap meets The Monster Squad) which follows a group of beloved horror icons who decide to form a heavy metal band.

Per the synopsis, Frankenstein’s monster (named Frank) and his bandmates Medusa, Jack O’Lantern, Werewolf and the Bride have spent the last few centuries squatting in Dracula’s castle – unbeknown to their slumbering host. But after a band rehearsal gets out of hand and wakes the fearsome vamp, the group gets booted from the castle and is forced to hit the road. As Frank and the band take their act on tour, they find themselves fighting off crazed groupies, monster hunters, and fellow crypt creatures in a darkly comic tale that puts the death in “death metal.”

Howden and comic co-writer Llexi Leon (Iron Maiden: Speed Of Light director) wrote the script for the Monsters of Metal feature adaptation. More info on casting and a release date when we get it!