News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 19/03/2020

Monster Movie BOB Up Next for the Soska Sisters

Ahead of the Twisted Twins’ Vendetta receiving its UK TV premiere on Horror Channel next month, we were able to sit down and have a bit of a natter with Jen and Sylvia Soska. And while we covered a whole host of bases during the chat, there’s a fun nugget on what’s next for this hugely talented duo.

While the world is obviously in a tailspin right now as the COVID-19 pandemic causes absolute chaos, the current plan is for the Soskas to move forward with a feature titled Bob if and when the entertainment industry starts back up in full gear.

What’s Bob, you ask? Why, it’s a long-gestating monster movie that sounds all kinds of intriguing.

As Sylvia told us about Bob’s origins, “At the time we were pitching American Mary, everyone was saying, “We would never make this movie. Could you maybe make a straightforward monster movie?” So we wrote this movie called Bob. It put people off so much that they went, “Let’s make the movie about the body modification girl. It certainly couldn’t be as bad as their monster movie…” which is what we’re actually making next.”

On just what this upcoming feature will centre on, Sylvia explained, “We’re extremely excited. It’s about trauma and the survival of trauma and how that really affects your perspective of life.”

It seems as if the Soskas may have already found their headline star for Bob, although further details on just who that is aren't being revealed just yet.

“When we were in Los Angeles we met with a few actors – one who we think is going to be the lead of the film, who is from a billion dollar franchise and is one of my favourite actors,” Sylv enthused, “and I’m very thrilled that we’ll be working together. He is in the perfect headspace for this character.”

In a recent interview with Horror Channel, Jen Soska has gone on to add how Bob will be “like Fight Club meets Harvey” – which most certainly has our attention.

Vendetta will premiere on Horror Channel on Saturday, April 4 at 9pm. In the meantime, part of our chat with the Soska Sisters is in the swanky new issue of STARBURST (on sale as of today!), while our full, in-depth chat with Jen and Sylvia will be online in the coming weeks.


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