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Miles Teller Joins TOP GUN 2

Miles Teller

With Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer long confirmed to be returning for Top Gun 2, now comes word that Miles Teller will be joining them in this curiosity-stirring sequel.

As per Variety, the Whiplash star has beaten out competition from Nicholas Hoult and Glen Powell to land the role of Goose’s son. Goose, as played by Anthony Edwards, was the best pal of Cruise’s Maverick in that first Top Gun – with the character famously killed off in a tragic accident. In Top Gun 2, Goose’s son is all grown up and will have a pivotal part to play in the follow-up’s plot.

Where said plot is concerned, however, all is being kept relatively hush-hush at this stage. All that we do know is that the film will be set in the current climate of drone technology and fifth generations fighters, with the sequel also taking a look back at the end of the “dogfighting” era.

Oblivion’s Joseph Kosinski is on directing duties for Paramount, and Peter Craig, Justin Marks, and Eric Warren Singer are currently penning the sequel’s screenplay. The Top Gun 2 title is merely a working title right now, with an official title to be revealed down the line.

At present, the Top Gun follow-up is booked in for a July 12th, 2019 release.