News Movies News | Written by Kris Heys 25/08/2021

Official MATRIX 4 Title Revealed, Trailer Coming Soon!

As rumoured back in February, the title of the upcoming Matrix sequel will indeed be The Matrix Resurrections. The news was revealed earlier today at the currently unfolding CinemaCon in Las Vegas. 

Industry attendees were treated to a trailer as part of Warner Bros' presentation, meaning we’ll inevitably get to see the full teaser ourselves relatively soon. In it, a few plot details were revealed for the first time - most notably that Keanu Reeves’ character has no memory of his adventures as Neo. (Given how underwhelming  Reloaded and Revolutions were, a lot of fans can certainly empathise!)

Luckily for Neo (or unlucky depending on your red pill vs blue stance), Carrie-Ann Moss is also back as Trinity, and will once again guide him towards his destiny...

A lot is riding on Lana Wachowski’s sequel given the reverence of the 1999 original and the largely negative reaction that its two sequels were met with. But with canonical media such as the excellent animated anthology The Animatrix proving just how excitingly fertile this universe actually is, there’s every hope that the Matrix can be Rebooted successfully and deliver something new. 

The countdown to December 22nd has begun!