Given the years of countless rumours and false starts, Masters of the Universe fans have ended up waiting an Eternia for a new live-action movie based on the popular property. But with the casting of He-Man recently confirmed and now the official release date a lock, everybody can start to get excited that their hero is about to return to screens anew!

Sony have revealed that March 5th, 2021 will herald the beginning of a major new cinematic franchise. Or at least, they ‘hope’ it will be the beginning of a major new cinematic franchise. (We’re just hoping it’s better than the misguided, budget-bereft Cannon effort of the ‘80s.)

As previously reported, Noah Centineo has been cast as He-Man for some reason (are they going to buff him up with CGI?), and behind the camera will be Adam and Aaron Nee (Band of Robbers), directing from a script that’s been handed down from the ubiquitous David S. Goyer (seemingly every DC superhero movie ever) to the writers of this month’s Men in Black International, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

Stay tuned for more developments as the Masters of the Universe movie finally holds aloft its magic sword and begins to miraculously transform from script to screen. In the meantime, go get your MotU fix with She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix – it’s pretty damn great (read our review here)!

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