News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 19/10/2022

Magic The Gathering Teams Up With Post Malone

The world's biggest fantasy card game, which features goblins, monsters and fantastic fantasy creatures has teamed up with  American rapper, singer, songwriter, Post Malone.

The cards will be released as part of the limited release Secret Lair range. These cards tend to be re-skins of existing cards. Previous Secret Lair releases have included Stranger Things and League of Legends: Arcane.

Post, a noted Magic: The Gathering enthusiast, provided creative input for cards in Secret Lair X Post Malone: Backstage Pass. Not only are the featured cards selected from his personal deck, the design features Post in a starring role.

In Secret Lair X Post Malone: The Lands, the scenery for the land cards features Post's iconic tattoos somewhere among the setting. In addition, Post handwrote and drew the text for the land cards, making each one a personal expression from Post to the players.

"Post is helping us celebrate 30 years of Magic, and that includes this Secret Lair," said Mark Heggen, a product architect for Magic: The Gathering. "We've loved working with him to find this new and unexpected way for him to connect with his millions of fans – either through his Magic enthusiasm or his immensely popular music."

Both Secret Lair sets are available for preorder now until Nov. 14. Once the preordering window closes, they are gone for good! Both sets will be available in foil and nonfoil editions.

Secret Lair is a celebration of Magic: The Gathering through collaborations with world renowned artists, familiar franchises, and special events. It is a totally wild exploration into what it means to be a Magic card.


  • 1x K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth as "Post, Son of Rich" 
  • 1x Bolas's Citadel as "Post's Citadel" 
  • 1x Leshrac's Sigil as "Post's Sigil" 
  • 1x Jet Medallion 


  • 1x Retro Frame Plains 
  • 1x Retro Frame Island 
  • 1x Retro Frame Swamp
  • 1x Retro Frame Mountain
  • 1x Retro Frame Forest