News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 24/06/2022

Dennis Quaid Leads Star-Studded Cast In Sci-Fi Mystery LITTLEMOUTH

Dennis Quaid, Isabelle Fuhrman, David Thewlis, Josh Hutcherson, and Kiera Allen will star in the sci-fi mystery Littlemouth, which has just entered production. Canadian filmmaker Jonathan Sobol both writes and directs the upcoming film.

Littlemouth is set in the present day and follows a brilliant computer scientist (Fuhrman) as she's recruited by a charismatic tech billionaire (Quaid) to work on a secret project that might just change humanity’s place in the universe forever. Though, as all great things must, it comes at great risk.

“This is a story I am passionate about telling and I’m thrilled and humbled with the cast that has come together to bring it to life,” said Sobol. “With Isabelle Fuhrman in the lead working with an icon like Dennis Quaid and the incomparable David Thewlis (one of my all-time favorite actors), to younger stars like Josh and Keira – I simply couldn’t have asked for a better group of artists to work with.”

Littlemouth's cast also have other great projects lined up: Fuhrman will soon be appearing in the sequel Orphan: First Kill, while Thewlis will next be seen in The Sandman. Hutcherson, who has proven relatively low-profile since starring in The Hunger Games franchise, is set to star opposite Morgan Freeman in sci-fi thriller 57 Seconds.

The star-studded cast was revealed in a Deadline exclusive.