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Laurence R Harvey and Mark Benton Star in SECRETS OF A WALLABY BOY – Now Crowdfunding

Secrets of a Wallaby Boy poster

STARBURST readers will be interested in Secrets of a Wallaby Boy, an independent feature film being shot in Manchester later in 2022. It’s a modern, queer update on the cheeky British smut comedies of the ‘70s, such as Confessions of a Window Cleaner.

Brandon McCaffrey stars as the broke, unfit and undersexed Tim Coaster. When Tim becomes a courier for the app Wallaby, he reckons he can turn his life around: get fit, earn some money, and even get laid. He’s not accounted for his own haplessness, an antique teapot collection, and a sinister conspiracy.

It’s written and directed by STARBURST’s own Kieron Moore, who says: “I’m really passionate about LGBTQ+ storytelling and also weird silly comedy. Last year, I was introduced to Confessions of a Window Cleaner and that genre, and I thought – these are great, but what if they were gayer?”

The producer is Pete Tomkies, the man behind festival favourite vampire comedy Once Bitten. “I’m delighted to be on board with this project,” says Pete, “as soon as I read Kieron’s script, I got in touch with him and said, what can I do to help you get this film made?”

Alongside McCaffrey in the cast is Billie Hindle, as Tim’s best friend Jade, and two recognisable faces. Mark Benton, who STARBURST readers may know from the fab zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse, and who has been a recognisable face of British TV since the ‘90s, appears as Tim’s father Roland – an affable man, though his advice on life, love and sex isn’t always the best.

And cult horror star Laurence R. Harvey – who you’ll know from The Human Centipede 2 and 3 – plays Sir Argyle Horatio, MP, a premium user of the Wallaby service. Argyle hosts a debauched party that Tim ends up at in one of the film’s set pieces.

Also involved is animator Ilan Sheady of Uncle Frank Productions, who is bringing to life Bruce, the marsupial mascot of the Wallaby app.

To help make the film be the best it can possibly be, the team are holding a crowdfunding campaign, which is live now on For pledging money towards the production of the film, a number of rewards are being offered, including digital premiere access, signed posters, and Wallaby courier stickers. Plus, if you’ve written your own script, Kieron – who is also a professional script editor – is offering script reviews in return for pledges.

The Greenlit campaign is running until 17th February and aiming to raise £12,000 to go towards production – have a look at the trailer below, and then click here to find out more and get involved.

Secrets of a Wallaby Boy – Trailer from Weird Rainbow Films on Vimeo.