News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 21/05/2021

Move Over BLACK ADAM, Krypto the Superdog Is Here

Before there was Black Adam, there was the best boy: Krypto the Superdog. Rejoice, for it's just been announced that Dwayne Johnson will be the voice – and possibly the bark – of (Super)man's best friend in  Warner Bros’ upcoming animated feature, DC League of Super-Pets from writer-director Jared Stern.

Co-directed by Sam Levine, this will be the first feature ever to star the superpowered dog since he first appeared in 1955’s Adventure Comics. Krypto would eventually team up with other animals tied to DC’s heroes and form the Legion of Super-Pets, which included fan-favourite Ace the Bat-Hound (three guesses on whose pal he is) and Supergirl's Streaky the Supercat, proving once and for all that cats and dogs can be friends.

In the comics, Krypto was the toddler Kal-El’s dog while still living on Krypton. Jor-El (Superman Sr.) used Krypto as a test subject for the rocket prototypes that would eventually send Kal-El to Earth, though the rocket was knocked off-course and caused poor Krypto to drift aimlessly through space for years before landing on Earth. Once there, he reunites with a now-teenaged superhero, Superboy and, because he’s also from Krypton, Krypto has the same powers and abilities as any Kryptonian, only proportionate to his smaller dog frame.

DC League of Super-Pets is due to release May 20th 2022, thereby beating Dwayne Johnson’s other superhero project Black Adam to theatres by just a couple of months. Black Adam will also star Noah Centineo, Aldis Hodge, Djimon Hounsou, Marwan Kenzari, Sarah Shahi, and Pierce Brosnan, and has tapped Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan, The Shallows) as director.

Johnson is the first to be confirmed for the Super-Pets comedy, though a larger voice-over cast will undoubtedly be announced in coming months, as well as further details about which of Krypto’s furry friends might be joining him in his crime-fighting mission.