News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 25/08/2019

Kit Harington and Gemma Chan Join Marvel’s THE ETERNALS

In an update to our earlier story, we now have confirmation of just which MCU movie Kit Harington is signed on for.

From D23’s Marvel panel, Kevin Feige revealed that Harington will be playing Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight, in The Eternals. Wielding the Ebony Blade that’s been passed on for generations – Whitman actually being a descendant of the Black Knight of King Arthur’s Court – the character has been a pivotal part of the Avengers at times.

In addition to confirmation of Harington’s casting, the panel also confirmed those rumours of Gemma Chan having a part in The Eternals. While she’s already played Minn-Erva in this year’s Captain Marvel, Chan will now be playing Sersi in The Eternals – that character being one of the leading figures of the Eternals group.

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Well, this sounds all kinds of intriguing.

It looks as if Kit Harington is the latest name to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As per Deadline, the Game of Thrones favourite has reportedly signed on to join the MCU in a to-be-revealed role. And that, well that’s about as much as we know right now.

Of course, one fun piece of thinking is that Jon Snow could well play Johnny Storm when Marvel Studios brings the Fantastic Four into the MCU. That may well just merely be wishful thinking, though, for there are literally an unlimited amount of characters who Harington could potentially be playing in this ever-expanding shared realm.

Kit Harington won’t be the first Thrones name to venture into the MCU, mind, for Robb Stark actor Richard Madden has recently signed on for a leading role opposite Angelina Jolie in next year’s The Eternals – not to mention Peter Dinklage as Eiri in Avengers: Infinity War, Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick both in Iron Fist, and Iwan Rheon in The Inhumans.

Expect more on all things MCU as we get it.