News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 16/07/2020

Jon Hamm to Star in FLETCH

A new Fletch offering has seemingly been in development for a couple of decades by this point, but now the return of Irwin Fletcher is once more back on the table.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm has signed on to headline Warner Bros. and Miramax’s revamped Fletch. In addition to starring in the picture, Hamm will also serve as a producer on the project.

Superbad’s Greg Mottola is on directing duties for Fletch, with Chuck’s Zev Borrow penning the screenplay.

Plot details are remaining relatively hush-hush on Fletch right now, although it’s believed that the picture will pull inspiration from the second book in Gregory Mcdonald’s Fletch series, Confess, Fletch. In Confess, Fletch, I.M. Fletcher finds himself accused of multiple murders and has to prove his innocence whilst also trying to track down his fiancée’s stolen art collection.

The first of Mcdonald’s Fletch novels was release in 1974, with a further ten books following that original read, not to mention a spin-off series for Inspector Francis Xavier Flynn.

Most famously, Fletch was given the movie treatment in 1985 with Chevy Chase in the titular role. While that film was well received, 1989 sequel Fletch Lives was a stinker that killed off any plans for future Fletch movies.

In the years since then, Kevin Smith was at one point making plans to do Fletch Won with Mallrats star Jason Lee on headlining duties. Smith and Lee have always been gold together, and the prospect of a Fletch picture from that duo was something many genre fans were hoping would come to fruition. Sadly, that never happened, and more recent years saw We’re the Millers’ Jason Sudeikis circling a Fletch offering that ultimately likewise never came together.

Expect more on Jon Hamm’s Fletch as it continues to develop.

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