With Ghost House Pictures currently developing a reboot of The Grudge, the redo has moved to bring in John Cho.

Having recently starred in the second season of the FOX’s impressive The Exorcist, the Star Trek star has joined this latest redo in a to-be-revealed role. Already on board for The Grudge are Andrea Riseborough and Demian Bichir.

The Eyes of My Mother’s Nicolas Pesce is on board to write and direct this refresh of an old favourite, with Pesce reworking a script previously put in place by Midnight Meat Train’s Jeff Buhler. The Grudge, of course, was originally released in 2002 under the Ju-on title. That Japanese horror was then given a more Western skew with the 2004-starring Sarah Michelle Geller remake. That, though, was not simply it for the franchise, with a whopping eleven Ju-on or Grudge movies to date, plus several short films, video games, and graphic novels.

This latest take on The Grudge is due to start production in May.

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