There comes a point in any horror franchise where there is nowhere to go but up, up, and away, to the final frontier that is space. Pinhead’s been there in Hellraiser IV: Bloodline. Jason’s been there in Jason X (which is by far the best space jaunt for a horror icon). Heck, even Leprechaun’s been there in Leprechaun 4: In Space. But now, it may be time for Don Mancini’s red-headed serial killer doll to go boldly, where a few others have gone before.

Mancini’s creation has endured and constantly transformed over the year’s from the original Child’s Play films, to the darkly comic later films, to the resurgence, to the excellent jump to TV of late. Chucky has proved to be one of horror’s most diverse creations, so if anyone can pull off swapping dungarees for a spacesuit it is him.

Speaking with Screenrant at the Saturn Awards, Mancini said of the idea to take the character(s) to space, “Everyone’s asking me that question! So, MY question is, “Do you want him to go to space?” Do you personally want him to go? If there’s enough of a demand for that, eventually – I don’t know how quickly – I have an idea for that”.

So, while not a dead cert, the idea has already been floated and it seems that if fans are up for seeing Brad Dourif’s foul-mouthed murderous doll go into orbit, we will indeed see it. After all, this franchise has proved itself constantly to be very genre flexible, so why the heck not give it a stab…ahem.  

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