News Book News | Written by Ed Fortune 17/09/2020

Indian Science Fiction – Patterns, History and Hybridity Launches

A new academic text examining the science fiction of India has been announced by University of Wales Press. This new work, by Texas University's Suparno Banerjee is an in-depth examination into Indian Science Fiction.

This book analyses Indian science fiction’s use of alterity in time, space and characters, and the epistemologies that ground its world building, to argue that Indian science fiction exercises an inherent cultural intersectionality in all of these intrinsic elements – mostly between India and the West, but also among the diverse cultures of the nation. The work demonstrates how, despite the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Indian science fiction traditions, larger patterns and connections are visible.

The author applies a diachronic and comparative approach in examining the multilingual science fiction traditions of India, to trace the overarching generic evolutions, which he complements with an analysis of specific patterns of hybridity in the genre’s formal and thematic elements.

More information can be found here.