The revival of I Know What You Did Last Summer has a release date and, appropriately, it’ll release smack dab in the middle of summer. Sony Pictures has announced that its upcoming film, a reboot of the original 1997 slasher, will release in cinemas on July 18th, 2025. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, best known for helming the Netflix black comedy Do Revenge, is directing the sequel from a screenplay she co-wrote with Sam Lansky, after an initial script by Leah McKendrick.

The cult classic I Know What You Did Last Summer starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe. It was written by Scream‘s Kevin Williamson and based on the 1973 novel of the same name by author Lois Duncan. The film followed four friends who, after a night of heavy partying, accidentally ran over and killed a man. When they decide to dump his body to conceal their secret, they’re unaware that the following year will see consequences knocking at their doors.

Hewitt and Prinze returned for the 1998 sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, while 2006’s I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer featured an entirely new cast. Prime Video also launched a short-lived streaming series based on the IP in 2021.

We don’t yet know if any of the original cast will be returning for this reboot/sequel/legacy sequel, but it was previously reported that both Hewitt and Prinze were in negotiations to return.

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