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Hungry for More GREMLINS? New TV Show in Development!

A continuation of the film franchise has been in development at Warner Bros for many years, but beyond several scripts being drafted, Gremlins 3 remains a fantasy to this day. Odd, considering how beloved the first two movies are and how much merch the moon-eyed mogwai shifts each year, from action figures to plush dolls, to T-shirts and novelty handbags. While there’s still no news on the elusive threequel, the creature’s custodians have reportedly greenlit a revisit in the form of an animated series that will explore Gizmo’s pre-Peltz days when he was knocking around with a younger Mr. Wing, the owner of the antique shop seen in the opening moments of the 1984 original. (Considering Wing had the poor little fella locked in a cage for those two movies, here’s hoping he was a little more relaxed in his earlier days otherwise there’s going to be sod all scope for adventure!)

The Gremlins animated series will be handled by Gotham and Once Upon a Time writer Tze Chun for Amblin and Warner Bros, with the show set to help launch the latter’s streaming service in 2020. (That’s right, another one…) Should it be a sizable success, we can pretty much guarantee that the wait for a big-screen return for the characters will grow shorter by the day. (Just don’t reboot it, guys - it rarely goes well. And easy on the CGI.)

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Original Source: Variety

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