You can tell we’re approaching the end of the year because toy giant Hasbro has announced a whole new range of toys as part of its HASBRO Pulse event.

The hot new thing, of course, the new Star Wars TV show, Ashoka. Fans of the show Rebels might be delighted to learn that the Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Elite Sabine Wren Lightsaber will be available to purchase for all your cosplay needs.

Fans of Clone Troopers will be delighted to add Captain Rex’s helmet to their collection. The Black Series helmet is detailed to look like the Clone Captain Rex character from the Star Wars: Ahsoka series.

Other toys coming to the deluxe Black Series toys include Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati. Fans of droids will be delighted to learn that toys for Professor Huyang and the famously grumpy Chopper are also coming to a toy shelf near you. 

In related news, Transformers fans will be delighted to learn that Transformers Legacy United Leader Class G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime will be out very early 2024, though not in time for Christmas. This is the translucent weapon-wielding Optimus, who turns into a tanker for those keeping track.

And finally, fans of Transforming robots will be aware that HASBRO has the rights to produce Gobots and Rock Lords models and may want to check out the Infernac Universe models for a delightful surprise.

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