News Merch News | Written by Ed Fortune 20/05/2022


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cosplays can rejoice, toy maker HASBRO are to release the Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Lance an expandable accessory that extends to 55 inches. Something sure to impress even the most jaded Rita Repulsa cosplayer.

It comes with it’s own stand so you don’t have to carry around all the time, because a big blue lance looks cool at Comic-Con, but less cool when you’re going to Greggs for a bacon butty.

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Fans of the Blue Ranger will also be delighted to learn that a cosplay ready version of the Blue Power Ranger Helmet is also available in the same range.  The Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Helmet is a detailed design inspired by the comics and can be worn.

Both essential costume items are available now via Hasbro Pulse UK