Many of us have mourned the loss of Bryan Fuller’s far too short lived Hannibal TV series, which was based on the characters of Thomas Harris and which was a delectably cast and acted, as it was written and shot. The acclaimed take on the source material was one of the most aesthetically interesting and daring pieces of television in recent memory.

So, in 2015, when NBC called for its cancellation after three seasons, many were left as heartbroken as Hannibal Lector when he’s run out of quiche Lorraine (alas we knew her well…). But, ever since there have been discussions of a revival that have kept flaring up, and now title star of the show Mads Mikkelsen, in a discussion with Business Insider, has promisingly said it is very much still a possibility.

In a story fans can get their teeth into, when asked about a potential revival of the series, Mikkelsen said, “It’s no secret that all of us who were part of the cast and Bryan, we all want to go back. It’s got to happen eventually sooner than later because we’re not getting any younger, right?”. Later suggesting it was about, “finding a home for it”. Which in this current age of Television and streaming, should be a bit easier surely?

Even more promisingly, the actor and Fuller have certainly discussed it, as when later in the interview Mikkelsen was asked what shape a potential return might take, he replied with, “He’s got a few ideas, Bryan. So I can’t really reveal any, in case we do start”. So don’t count out Hannibal just yet folks, who knows, they may even start covering the story even more familiar to us from the film adaptations, which the series previously touched upon. 

Although we may be waiting a little bit, as Fuller has a certain date (we can’t imagine which one?) at Camp Crystal Lake first.  

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